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Wedding Car prices in Cardiff, Newport, Barry, Wales, Glamorgan

What areas do we cover ? Wedding Car Hire Cardiff. Wedding Car Hire Swansea. Wedding Car Hire South Wales. Wedding Car Hire Gwent. Wedding Car Hire Bridgend.  Why not give us a call, we may cover your area as well?

Who are Kennedy Classics? Kennedy Classics is an established, well respected and reliable business owned and run by husband and wife partnership, Mark & Ann Wright.

We are proud to be chosen Here at Kennedy Classics we consider it a real honour to be chosen from the many companies available to act as your wedding car provider. It's encouraging to note that many of our clients come from referrals from previous weddings and we are duty bound to ensure all goes well on the day. We will work with you to ensure your wedding plans come together as you would want them to.

Church or Civil Wedding? It doesn't matter whether it's a full Church Wedding or Civil Partnerhip, with our vast experience you can be assured we will take great care to make yours the perfect day. No matter how you choose to celebrate the 'Special Day' we will always try to accommodate you and of course we actively promote a happy, open and non-judgmental environment.

It's all in the planning. It goes without saying that we will spend as long as it takes to ensure that all goes well on the day. Careful planning and years of experience in customer care ensure that you will enjoy the day from beginning to end.

How long would I get? Experience shows that most weddings require our attendance for approximately 4 hours. We charge an hourly rate of £25.00 per hour after that and this will be invoiced seperately, this would be very rare and hardly ever the case. It's your day and we are there to help you enjoy it. Remember, the car you choose will be yours, it won't be rushing off to do another wedding! It's one car per wedding per day.

Cars & Drivers. Kennedy Classics have a fully serviced and well maintained  fleet of the finest cars and we are lucky enough to employ drivers with VIP licences. What does that mean?  Well, your driver could hold a special licence to escort dignitaries and may well have chauffeured the Royal Family around when making a royal visit – imagine that!

Wedding car prices Cardiff? No matter how big the wedding everyone is on a budget, some big, some small. No matter what your budget and how much you have set aside for cars, you can be assured we will do our very best to help; after all you want to spend just enough to do the job properly and not a penny more. Our wedding cars start from a very competative £195.00* with nothing else to pay.  

It's a fact. There's always someone somewhere who will try and do things cheaper than the next man, it's a fact of life, and with the cost of weddings these days everyone wants value for money.  Before you choose your wedding car hire company, ask yourself, why we were Kennedy Classics chosen to be the 'Best in Wales', then decide.

And Finally. We know what it's like.You've read all the background information would like some more information but you don't want to over commit, after all it's just a general enquiry.  Don't worry, there is no pressure. Why not call us or complete the enquiry form?. It wont cost you anything and we may have just what you want, and we might be able to save you a penny or two as well..
Remember, our prices start from just £195.00* and include all the trimmings.
So, whatever you decide, whether it's Kennedy Classics or any other reputable firm - we would like to offer our sincere congratulations and do remember to enjoy yourself, it's going to be a 'Wonderful Day'.

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“Thank you again for such a great service and we have already been recommending you to all our friends.” Elham & James Thomas